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It nearly consumes us, doesn’t it?

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A battleground. An open wound that never seems to heal. The nagging whisper in your ear telling you over and over again that if your manager does not validate every little thing you do with “That was good!” or “Oh, this is excellent!” or even “Great job on that.” — that you are worth nothing.

Show me your battle-worn wounds and I’ll show you mine.

Tell me you don’t have to have constant music ringing in your ear filled with uplifting, girl boss songs from Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. Tell me you…

Welcome to the world of sporadic randomness

The commute home takes roughly an hour on a good day. As an ordinary person who earns a little above minimum wage and slowly on the verge of developing a drinking habit (so I’ve been told), this is the hour I have after mindless slogging and just before reaching home to more mindless housekeeping.

Sound familiar? If it does — can we be friends?

In the past, having been brainwashed by what I’ve previously read on medium to constantly stay productive, I tuned in to podcasts teaching me about financial advice before it…

4 signs you’re one of us.

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You see it walking down the street; A woman neatly dressed pretending like she didn’t cry herself to sleep thinking of her mountain of bills. You see it in your daily commute; An old man quietly seated buried by heaps of people, shouldn’t he be at home enjoying his retirement? He thinks the same but things didn’t go according to plan. …

There’s microaggression, macroaggression and then there’s this.

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It was a normal Sunday evening, as normal as any weekend can ever be. My fiancée and I were visiting my mom at her place, she stays with my two younger sisters. We spent the whole day revisiting old family pictures, listening to old songs my mom used to sing us when we were little kids and facetiming relatives that were far away whilst having tea.

You could take a picture of us and stamp it on a Hallmark card. We were a living cliché.

But all good things have to come to…

Nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

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Tired. On my 7th cup of coffee. I can feel myself vibrating. YouTube Notifications and Google Alerts haunt my phone. As I read articles after articles, watch videos after videos and check out Twitter’s trending page. Hopelessness and despair fill every fiber of my being. I’m not the only one, you’ve felt it too. Multiple times. In fact, let’s be honest, we’ve all felt it. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. Defeat.

It’s not information overload. It’s not fatigue. It’s not an overthinking problem. It’s the Motherfucking World. It’s not safe for us out there…

Unsubscribe: New Year, New Me.

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Let’s jump right in, we’re all a little lost. Each of us have struggles that we are already actively trying to overcome - which, let’s be honest, is very VERY exhausting. Why further weigh ourselves down with this bullshit tradition of new year, new me? It’s mottos like this that contributes to anxiety, stress and depression. It’s not my job to come up with an official tagline for you — It’s your own.

Weren’t you already feeling lost before the pandemic? I did. So many of us blame Covid-19 but really we were all already…

Here’s to the wine-filled nights with humor and mild anxiety.

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Feet parallel to the wall. Its been that way for about an hour but I simply can’t be bothered to bring it down. Wearing the same clothes 3 days straight and I’m starting to smell a bit.

Lol. Who do you need to shower for? No one is coming. No wait, that’s not true, my boyfriend has gone back to his parents and I’m alone for a few nights. I check my phone, zero messages. No one is bothered about you. I proceed to take another bite out of an…

Out with the old and in with the new.

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New Years Resolutions. Self-Improvement Books. Taking a chance with someone whos not your type. Dropping the ball in Times Square while a song usually from the genre of bubblegum pop played in the background and although you weren’t a fan — still enjoyed because its the New Year!

You awoke the next morning feeling hyped putting on your usual morning jazz while getting ready for a brunch appointment. You then proceed to pick out an outfit that you don’t usually wear because — New Year, New You.

We were so optimistic…

Sincerely, Tivs.

Dear Ms. Harris,

I’ve been scared to write this letter to you, scared that I’d get the words wrong. Scared that you’d misunderstand but ultimately, it is better to say something than to say nothing at all. This is a story of an Indian girl — who is a minority in a country far removed from reality.

My people have been the victim of systemic racism. My people are bound by the chains of the quota system, we are only a number and nothing more. Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution is one of the most controversial, it…

4 simple ways to kick the beige

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All of us, without a shadow of a doubt, are very aware of the benefits of a good cup of black coffee. But why do we consistently go back into the arms of the beige coffee? Its calorie-packed sweetness is not doing us any favors — especially with the waist line.

About a year ago, I decided to go into intermittent fasting on top of HIIT Workouts to accelerate weight loss. …


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